Darwin’s Itinerary


darwin map1


September 15  HMS Beagle en route to Isla San Cristobal (Chatham Island), passes Isla Espanola (Hood Island) but does not anchor.

September 16  Darwin lands at Cerro Tijeretas, Isla San Cristobal (Chatham Island) for 1 hour.

September 17 Darwin spends afternoon on shore at Puerto Grande, Isla San Cristobal (Chatham Island).

September 18 Darwin lands at Terrapin Road and climbs Pan de Azucar.

September 19-20 HMS Beagle en route to Fresh Water Bay

September 20 HMS Beagle crew check out feasibility of collecting fresh water from Fresh Water Bay. No indication that Darwin went ashore here.

September 20-21 HMS Beagle en route to Stephens Bay, Isla San Cristobal (Chatham Island).

September 21-22 Darwin examines the Craterized District, San Cristobal (Chatham Island), spending the night on a small beach that borders the southern edge of the flow.

September 22-24 HMS Beagle en route to Floreana (Charles Island). Meets the acting governor of Floreana (Charles) at Post Office Bay.

September 25 Darwin explores a settlement in the highlands of Floreana (Charles), after landing at Black Beach.

September 26 Darwin explores Post Office Bay.

September 27 Darwin climbs Cerro Pajas, the highest hill on Floreana (Charles).

September 28 HMS Beagle en route to Isabela (Albemarle Island), passes by  Isolte Tortuga (Brattle Islet) which Darwin describes in detail from the ship.

September 29 HMS Beagle rounds the southern end of Isabela (Albemarle Island), anchoring briefly at Iguana Cove. No indication that Darwin went ashore here.

September 30 HMS Beagle arrives at Tagus Cove, Isabela (Albemarle).

October 1 Darwin explores Beagle Crater.

October 2-8 HMS Beagle en route to Santiago (James), detouring past the northern islands of Pinta (Abingdon), Marchena (Bindloe) and Genovesa (Tower).

October 8 Darwin and 3 companions camp at Buccaneer Cove, Santiago (James).

October 9 Darwin explores the highlands of Santiago (James).

October 10 Darwin examines the geology of Buccaneer Cove.

October 11 Darwin is taken by tortoise hunters by boat to James Bay where he lands and explores the Salt Mine.

October 12-13 Darwin explores the highlands again and spends night in a “hovel” made by tortoise hunters.

October 14-16 Darwin explores and collects around Buccaneer Cove.

October 17 Darwin and his companions are picked up by HMS Beagle.

October 18-20 HMS Beagle en route through northern part of the Galapagos archipelago and off towards Tahiti.